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Bulk Storage Shed Extension
Client - Mineforce Australia
Scope - Shop detail and construction support
Programs - AutoCAD (2D & 3D)
As part of Glencore Xstrata's expansion at their Ernest Henry Mine to produce 1.2 Million tonnes of Magnetite per year, more storage requirements were needed at the Townsville Port. MDDM was responsible for producing all drawings for the extension of nine bays to the existing storage shed. All new steel had to match closely to the existing steel structure. Internal to the shed, one product conveyor was extended whilst another was relocated to compliment the now increased storage capabilities.
Ravenswood Dewatering Plant
Client - Resolute Pty Ltd, Carpentaria Gold Mine.
Scope - Feasibility, concepts, design, certify and shop detail
Programs - Autocad SD, Autocad, Navisworks
Engaged direct with the client with the conceptual and design process.
Full RPEQ design and details for steelwork, concrete, tanks, piping and conveyors.
Completed pre-feasibility right through to construction and commissioning.
Scope included an option to expand to additional process line, with only two being installed.
Required interfacing with both proprietary and re-used components.
U/G Vent Fan
Client - Capricorn Copper Mine
Scope - Scan and reverse engineer
Programs - AutoCAD SD, Faro Laser Scanner, Recap Pro
When local Mt Isa firm WWTS was contacted by CCM, to blast and paint an existing vent casing, MDDM were brought in to scan the plate work whilst it was in the laydown yard, create an accurate reverse model and set of as-built drawings for mine records. With the millimetre accurate cloud point, the mine then extended the scope to include designing and detailing adaptor pieces for a new exhaust fan and emergency ladder support frame. The job was completed successfully, with the installation being carried out in a shutdown period with no delay to the mine.
Magistrates Court Refurbishment
Client - JS Welding
Scope - Shop detail
Programs - Advance Steel and Recap Pro
The Townsville courthouse underwent a huge refurbishment during 2019, inside and out, bringing its facilities into the 21st century. MDDM were tasked with drawing the external steel framing, access stairs, walls and rooves.
The biggest challenge was anchoring to the existing concrete parapet walls and its unique, intricate pattern. Using a high-resolution point cloud and laser-cut drilling templates for the crew, ensured every hole landed where it was needed. Another twist was including full-height glass wall, turning once externals areas into rooms and hallways.
Sample Rooms and Walkways
Client – Glencore Townsville Port & Mineforce Australia
Scope – Design & Detail Supports and Access for Buildings, & Provide Construction Supervision
Programs – Advance Steel and Recap Pro
We provided Glencore with design support to fit the required buildings into a tight position, ensuring walkway requirements were met and clearances were provided to existing infrastructure and accesses.
Andy subbied to Mineforce to supervise the installation of the buildings and used the valuable support of Townsville Cranes for the lifting and placing of the buildings.
Everything squeezed in nicely!
Douglas Water Reservoir
Client - Wulguru
Scope - Shop Detail
Programs - AutoCAD
MDDM provided steelwork fabrication details for the construction of a 65m diameter water reservoir. This included the steel floor plate, tank wall strakes & domed roof structure, detailing of ladders & access to the roof structure and design of a safe fall arrest system for roof access. We also provided assistance to the principal contractor in regards to strake & floor plate assembly to meet strict welding requirements and ensure constructability of the reservoir. The circular, gable tank roof was modelled in 3D using Tekla Structures to produce workshop drawings.
Pioneer Mill Pan Stage Roof
Client – Wilmar Sugar Australia
Scope – Shop details
Programs – Advance Steel & AutoCAD.
During the 2018/2019 maintenance season, Wilmar Sugar Australia replaced and upgraded two pan and condenser vessels at its Pioneer Sugar Mill, in the Burdekin, North Queensland.
The project was a large undertaking by Wilmar and managed entirely in-house. One of the new pans has a 220-tonne capacity - the largest vessel ever fabricated by the company in-house. With the new vessel design being significantly larger, the existing roof had to be raised over 2m. Working closely with Wilmar and ADM Engineering, MDDM was involved from feasibility right through to shop detail stage. An adjacent skillion roof and suspended catwalk steelwork were also part of our scope. Working with a point cloud of the existing surrounds proved vital to the accuracy of our details and allowed for straightforward installation of all steelwork by the on-site crew.
JCU Central Plaza
Client - JS Welding/Woollam Constructions
Scope - Fabrication assistance
Programs - Advance Steel
Challenging simply does not begin to describe this project!
MDDM was asked by Jason and his team to help find a simple, effective and efficient method to fabricate and construct this hugely complex structure. Utilising extensive laser etching and overlaying templates, the boilermakers were able to fabricate the curved plate work beams and numerous cleats either side, barely requiring the need to take the tape measure of their belt. With over two thousand unique pieces, we consider that some achievement.
We are immensely proud of the final outcome, which was achieved with no additional site work!
Remote Island Helipad
Client - Civilplus Constructions & Woodfield Engineering
Scope - Steel detailing
Programs - Advance Steel and Recap Pro
A detailing job well out of the ordinary! Fitment of an all-new stainless steel helipad, walkway and lighthouse support framing on a remote island off Queensland's coastline.
Using a combination of cloud point data and AGM survey points, the new steel was modelled and detailed to connect to the existing concrete helipad and directly to the rocky island surface itself. Accuracy and construction methodology were absolutely crucial for this project, as the nearest hardware store was a 150km helicopter flight away!
All involved in this job very much look forward to handling more challenging and unique jobs like this in the future.